Initial Website Audit

We asses your website’s search engine navigational indexing to make sure the URLs, menus and other elements of your website are optimized for the search engines to correctly identify and index. This also includes Keyword Density and other on-page, fundamental SEO factors.

Review Website Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

If available, we review your existing website’s analytic tracking data and technical crawler data or if not available, install associated tracking code onto web pages.

Conduct Keyword Traffic/Competitor Research

Discover what pertinent keywords your online client target demographic is searching, as well as the keywords your competitors are using and determine your target keywords.

Content Refresh

We optimize the navigational structure for your website and update the Header Text (H1, H2, etc.) and content on each page, implementing results from the initial website audit, analytics and keyword determination.

Meta Tag/Permalink Optimization

We optimize the URL/Permalink, Title and Description tags for your website, implementing results from the initial website audit, analytics and keyword determination.

Correct Technical Issues

Based on our review of Webmaster Tools, we determine if there are any technical issues (DNS, server connectivity, canonicalization, etc.) on your website and fix them.

Implement 301 Redirects

We determine if there are any pages on your website that are in need of a redirect and salvage their SEO value by appropriately redirecting them to the correct resource.

Backlink Detox

We assess the quality of websites which are linking to your website and utilize Google’s Disavow Tool to address any potential harmful backlinks.

Sitemap Optimization

We create an optimized Site Map for your website each web page and their updates are fully accessible to the search engine crawlers.

Other Fundamental SEO Factors